Testimonial from a primary care physician in Boston…
MCSTAP supports Massachusetts clinicians in increasing their capacity for, and comfort in, using evidence-based practices to screen, diagnose, treat, and manage the care of all patients with chronic pain, substance use disorders, or both.

"I had a lovely and productive conversation with a physician consultant at MCSTAP. He was so amazingly helpful, practical, and flexible. The situation was that my colleague had scheduled a new patient with me, whose opioid dependence from a prior prescription had escalated into addiction and she was asking for help. MCSTAP was completely essential. With the physician consultant’s expert assistance, we came up with an individualized plan and follow-up. This is an amazing service, a real game-changer."

New and Noteworthy

Provider Resources

Resource 1

Tools for providers and their staff on evidence-based guidelines for: screening, triage and referral, risks and benefits of medications, and discussion of screening results and treatment options

Resource 2

Real-time physician consultation for clinicians on safe prescribing and managing care for adult patients with chronic pain, substance use disorders, or both

Resource 3

Resource and referral information about community-based providers, programs, and services to support patients with either chronic pain or substance use disorders